Hudební festival současnosti

28. – 30. 6. 2024 SVITAVY

Michael Mayer (DE)

Over the past four decades, Michael Mayer has done many things: maintained an internationally renowned DJ career; co - steered the Kompakt record label, physical store, and online shop; and produced a slow but steady stream of singles and albums, both solo, and in collaboration with the likes of Superpitcher, Reinhard Voigt, Kölsch, Barnt, and – on his 2016 album, & - a plethora of talents from dance music and beyond. He’s also released several ground - breaking, legendary mix discs, from 1998’s gorgeous Neuhouse, to the epochal Immer mixes, plus contributions to both the Fabric and DJ - Kicks series. Key to all of this, though, is the decorous drive of his clear, yet open - minded aesthetic, and a wide - eyed, thorough - going appreciation for music in all its variety and complexity.